Monday, February 21, 2011

BERLIN!!!!!! Finaly.

Sorry about the wait guys but between our laptop not connecting with the wifi here and the Cold we all caught and got rid of I am finally able to upload.

Its Cold in Berlin.

Diego Suavo!

YAY First picture with this dude in 2 years

PHOTOBOMB (no kiss for diego hehehe)

Oh Never mind belive it or not this dude just tried to kiss Diego.

Diegos interest and my new friend.

So somehow Will and me ended up in a cab with 3 swedish models!! (true storie)

Building sized Murals

The Knights of shags alot. (reference-

Berlin Wall

And more

And more!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Castle Prague and surrounding areas.

Well we went on a very long walk because we were like it cant be hard to find one castle its on a hill i can see it from here...... Needless to say it was much bigger than we thought so hence much farther lol. well we had a good time anyway here are some pics.

Old Cool Looking clock and yes it still works

Castle Prague at a distance From charles bridge

Part of the castle ( it is huge so up close it does not get good panoramic pics)

View of Prague from the castle (one of the highest points around)

Really steep subway tunnel that we took coming back.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Prague Day 2

Well I actually went out today and explored town so here are some awesome pics.

Scary tunnel I did NOT go down, but want to.

old gothic style church a block from our hostel.

 All the Disciples made out of pure marble, minus Judas of course.

Old town prague

Massive Cathedral.

Old Guard tower
 Breakfast I think we only paid like $3 for it.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Ok so we have only been here about 5 hours so there are not many pics but we will be here 10 days and there are amazing things to see, but here are a few.
Some of the buildings are so old they look like they are leaning. 

Our room at the Hostel Elf.

Yeah we are rich baby..... oh wait its only about $100 dollars.

More Hostel.

View from Our room.


We rode the train through Rotterdam and went on to Amsterdam, Beautiful City.

Central station Amsterdam this is where our train came in.

Happy to be out of the train.

Our Super Cold Campsite.

Our Good Friend Adam from London he was also a crazy man who was camping next to us.

A Dutch Chicken or as Adam calls it "that damn cock that wakes me up"


William and our German Friend Jutta.

Landon getting humped

next to our campsite

yes it is as cold as it looks

Best Camping ever if it had not been freezing I would have stayed there forever.

not quite sure.....

The toilets our second home (it was heated)


Probabaly the most expensive city I have ever been in but the one sleep deprived day I was there it was sweet I would love to come visit longer... only with a pocketfull of cash thought.

Yes I had to get a picture I just love their hats

And yes it was cold and I really had to go. LOL

Center of london in Piccadilly 2 blocks from our hostel,

Cant forget those doubledecker buses, Just wish I had gotten a better pick but those suckers move fast.